ATEX Vibration Transmitter, Meter, Condition Monitoring, Vibration Analysis Services In Sabah, Sarawak, Malaysia

Do you need to monitor critical rotating machinery in ATEX zones?

The PCH 1275 and 1277 Compact Vibration Guards are Ex certified and approved for mines and other hazardous areas.
The compact PCH 1275 and PCH 1277 monitors with internal vibration sensors are ideal as part of the safety chain for dangerous machinery where high accuracy and fast response times are vital.

PCH 1275 and PCH 1277 comply with Functional Safety (EN13849), PL-d (SIL 2).

ATEX Vibration Transmitter

The PCH 1275 and PCH 1277 vibration guards consist of a vibration sensor as well as circuitry for conditioning, alarms and output, all embedded in a stainless steel housing. 

The ATEX certified vibration sensors compare the actual vibration levels with the internal thresholds 10 times per second. They can give you early warning of machine faults or even trigger an emergency shutdown of your machinery. 

PCH 1275 and PCH 1277 are suitable for ATEX zones 1 and 21. 

Measurement range, alarm limits and delay times can be adjusted directly in the PCH 1275 or 1277 vibration guard according to the machine type and size it is to monitor. With the PCH 1277 vibration sensor, you can also change all settings using the complementary PCH user software, including readouts of vibration level, status and offline FFT analysis up to 1000 Hz.

Standard ISO 10816-3/20816-3 (2/10-1000 Hz) or customised filter ranges like 1-3/300 Hz can be delivered.

PCH 1275 and 1277 comply with Functional Safety (EN13849), PL-d (SIL 2).

Condition Monitoring Vibration Analysis

Vibration Analysis is a key condition monitoring technique given its versatility detecting a wide range of failure modes.
Within ATEX’s condition monitoring services, we offer a cost-effective vibration analysis and monitoring service which closely aligns with the principles of ISO 13373. Vibration analysis can be performed on both rotating and static equipment, and used to monitor for three key considerations:

Surprise-free asset performance – detecting vibration anomalies, providing diagnosis and prognosis;
Cost effective maintenance planning  evaluation of the overall health condition of the asset, which allows sufficient time for remedial action; and,
Reduced production cost – maintaining the assets at their optimum level.
Utilizing industry leading equipment, ATEX technicians are certified to ISO 18436 standards and are extensively experienced with equipment reliability, failure modes and symptoms of failure. Our technicians gather vibration data directly from machines and analyze this information both on-site, for rapid interpretation turnaround, and at our ATEX facilities.

Through their extensive experience, ATEX technicians and engineers can accurately interpret the vibration data, make informed assessments of the condition of an asset and offer practical recommendations for remedial action.

Defects detected through vibration analysis include, but are not limited to:

Rotating equipment bearing defects including cracking, race and cage defects.
Gearing defects including cracking, broken tooth, gear misalignment and gear wear.
Lubrication problems.
Misalignment of assembled rotating equipment, including gear and shaft misalignment.
Unbalanced components including impellers, gears, couplings and shafts.
Motor defects.
Abnormalities detected through structures, pipes or vessels experiencing vibration include:

Presence and effect of excessive vibration in structures and piping.
If excessive vibration is occurring, an engineering assessment of how such vibration may lead to structural fatigue and damage. 

Vibration Meter Transmitter Calibration

vibration calibration capabilities include vibration meters, sensors, monitors, shaker tables, analyzers, transducers, tachometers, and accelerometers. You can submit a request for a quote. We might be able to help you find another provider or help with to-factory calibration.

we are distributor for several manufactures of vibration monitoring equipment. In addition to providing quotes on new purchases, we also maintain one of the largest rental inventories in the country. With expedited shipping options and a large range of options, our knowledgeable reps can provide you with quick solutions!