Instrumentation Services:

  • Install, commissioning, validation and calibration for pressure, temperature, level & flow transmitter.
  • Calibration & testing of pressure relief valves & pressure vacuum valves.
  • Inspection & testing of pneumatic / hydraulic actuators, electric / electro-pneumatic valve actuators.
  • Calibration & testing of pneumatic / electronic gauges, switches, transmitters, recorders & controllers (pressure, flow, temperature & level).
  • Preventive & corrective maintenance of fire & gas detection system.
  • Supply of skilled instrument / electrical personnel.
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CBM (condition-base maintenance) Services:

  • Install, supply, commissioning, validation and calibration for the vibration sensor.
  • Control panel system online real time for high peak vibration alert.
  • Onsite services for vibration analysis for compressor, motor, gearbox, pump or any vibration equipment’s.
  • Motor alignment services.
  • Supply of skilled CBM technician personnel.