Diamond is the latest version of Motherwell Tank Gauging’s well known tank farm inventory management system. Diamond is strong, resilient, capable, and much valued by its users. It is simply the best tank gauging system in the world. If you need the next generation of tank gauging power – Diamond is the system of choice. 

The Diamond Tank Gauging Software Solution 

Ddynamic, smart tank protection from Motherwell Tank Gauging. 
Iinnovative, inventive and packed with new protective features. 
Aaccurate, timely measurement to any volume reference temperature. 
Mmodern, future proofed Win 7 upwards. XP backwards compatible. 
Oobserving, monitoring your tank farm and product integrity. 
Nnecessary, compliant to the latest H&S alarm specifications. 
DDiamond – from Motherwell Tank Gauging. 

Diamond is the newest Tank Gauging software system available and has been specifically designed and built for all tank farms large or small. It caters for the largest sites with up to 1000 tanks and is equally agile at single tank installations. Diamond supports the single workstation, or client server, or workgroup, Web, or grid computing architecture depending on your preferences. It is a strong, multi-threaded, and very capable software system. 

It boasts new storage integrity and movement management features that are not available anywhere else: – including tank integrity alarms enhanced with environmental tolerances; omni-present critical alarms and flow sensitive fill trend control; worldwide volumetric correction to any temperature zone; with configuration at any workstation on site; control at any workstation on site; multi-screen and variable sized monitor support; worldwide number system conversions for any target market; and an internal inventory data protection system to maintain security for your data; and much, much more. Diamond even has Failover and Fail-back emergency system handling allowing ongoing gauging in the event of a partial site loss

Diamond is user friendly, simple to use and feature rich. Operators have lots of choice around graphical presentation on screen and different ways of analysing the same underlying data; from tabular and tank group based views to HTML and Excel reported printouts. Diamond gives straightforward access to your tank data and maintains a logical and easy learning path for any user, which means expensive training is minimized. 

It’s fully configurable for different site preferences and offers backup facilities for the underlying database, as well as remote storage of internal configuration if required. 

Diamond has a fully featured graphical drag and drop Tank Calculator to allow users to experiment with tank movement scenarios to better understand likely capacities and timings around potential movements. 

It offers a web based front end for head offices or locations not connected to the main farm. 

It allows the automatic import of tanks, and devices so your transition to the best tank gauging solution can happen within minutes. 

Full audit, full diagnostics, full logging of every change performed, with full flexible and configurable reporting to HTML or Excel, and automatic scheduled archival Diamond is simply the tool you need to protect your tank farm inventory. 

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