Flow Meter / Temperature Transmitter Validation In Sabah, Sarawak, Malaysia

Flow Meter Calibration, Proving, & Verification

Throughout industry, flowmeter accuracy and repeatability are scrutinized with different criteria to ensure confidence in a particular application.

The confidence of measured value agreement resides with the original manufacturing laboratory, the range of uncertainty of the technology being used, and the manufacturer’s practices and accreditations.

Field proving activities can be used as a point of reference, but may be influenced by a number of factors. These factors include, but are not limited to, the accuracy or repeatability of the comparative standard used, calibration interval of the master standard, comparison procedure, unit conversion error, failure to perform field adjustments at reference conditions, failure to consider all error factors, or actual test meter drift or error outside of manufacturing tolerances.

Consequently, the best recommendation is to consult with the manufacturer and ask for help or a re-certification at the calibration facility.

Temperature Transmitter Validation

Transmitter/Flow Computer Calibration and Validation – Static and differential pressures, along with temperature are commonly measured to calculate flow, using transmitters and flow computers. Calibration and validation is needed to assure their accuracy. The nVision allows a user to complete pressure calibration and validation of a differential transmitter, our temperature calibrators calibrate the temperature component, and our ASC-400 and CSC201 simulate the signal to the flow computer.