Mitsubishi PLC Programmable Logic Controller Supplier in Sarawak, Malaysia.

We are renowned supplier and system integrator of supreme quality Mitsubishi PLC. 

Mitsubishi is globally renowned brand for Factory Automation Soltions.

PLC Control System Series We Deal In;

  • MELSEC FX Series | Micro PLCs
  • MELSEC Q Series | Scalable Modular PLC Controrller
  • MELSEC QS>> Large Scale Safety Controller
  • MELSEC QW >> Small and Mid Scale Safety Controller
  • Micro Modules >> Nexgenie 2000
  • Advance Modular PLCs >> Nexgenei 5000

We supply Mitsubishi Programmable Logic Controller at very competitive price as we as do prrogramming & system integration.

Siemens PLC Programmable Logic Controller Supplier in Sarawak, Malaysia.

In Programmable Logic Controller product line, SIEMENS is well known for its outstanding Quality and Performance.

SIEMENS PLC Series available from micro to advanced programmable automation controllers

  • S7 200 Micro PLC
  • S7 200 Smart PLC
  • S7 300 and S7 400 | Universal Modular Controllers
  • S7 1200 & S7 1500 | Advance Controllers

SIEMENS SIMATIC PLCs offers cost-effective automation solutions with consistent functionality and standardized interfaces, for applications with requirements ranging from simple to complex.


  • cost optimized
  • scalability
  • lowest maintenance among other brand PLCs
  • consistant performance
  • security integrated
  • efficient engineering