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TopWorx Valve Monitors

TopWorx is a global leader in valve monitoring and position sensing for the process industries. 
Our solutions enable plants, platforms, and pipelines to manage and control operations more intelligently and efficiently under the most demanding and extreme conditions. 
TopWorx offers a complete line of high-performance process automation products including Valvetop discrete valve controllers and GO Switch lever-less limit switches.

Valve monitoring supplier

Mutiara Engineering is a well known valve monitoring supplier that supplies small, medium, large monitoring sensor and transceiver for bi-directional communication. The device is bracket mounted on the valve or actuator, and it transfer analog position and other vital monitoring data in real-time.

TopWorx Valve Monitoring Supplier

TopWorx valve monitoring supplier

TopWorx is a popular brand for its universal design, modular components, and global certifications.

We choose to become TopWorx valve monitoring supplier is because of its reliable, intelligent, cost-effective valve monitoring products, and we delivered. Through extensive customer research, we have created the TopWorx valve controller family of products. By combining our design and manufacturing expertise with the best switchbox, switchbox enclosures, bus networking, sensor, and solenoid technology available to create the finest valve controllers in the market. TopWorx automated on/off valve controllers are designed to provide the best fit-for-purpose approach in a wide range of process, application, and service conditions, regardless of actuator / valve type or manufacturer.